The Cornerstones of Post-Pandemic Church Technology


Even as churches have faced unique challenges in confronting and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, countless opportunities have arisen to embrace and adapt to technology that can keep congregations connected, no matter what.​

How have churches adapted? Are they missing out on valuable technology to support the recovery phase of the pandemic? What’s most important?​

Just over 1,200 churches weighed in, giving firsthand insights into how technology has been critical to sustain and rebuild their programs.


Recover the Offering:

Tech and Tips to Maximize

Recover the offering and ignite generosity during Giving Tuesday (and beyond).

Click below to download our FREE Giving Tuesday Toolkit and access a recording of the live webinar we hosted on October 29th.

During the webinar, we covered:

  • How to create messaging that engages your entire community
  • A communication timeline that activates more people to participate
  • Tips to increase gift sizes and inspire new givers
  • Tech that elevates your message and makes it incredibly easy to give

Inspire Generosity Like Never Before

Increasing gifts and recovering donations is critical for faith-based organizations this year. Giving Tuesday, on December 1, is the perfect opportunity to activate your community in generosity and revitalize the offering.

During our webinar on October 29th we provided FREE resources tailored for churches, ministries, and faith-based nonprofits to help get results and drive engagement. Use the button below to access the FREE resources and a recording of the webinar.

Why participate in Giving Tuesday?

  • Experts predict that $605 million will be raised in 2020
  • Faith-based nonprofits receive the largest percentage of #GivingTuesday online gifts
  • The average gift is $134

Enjoy More Impactful Resources

During these unparalleled times, our goal is to provide faith-based organizations with the information and resources you need to further your mission.

Coping with COVID-19: Insights from Church Leaders

To present a more complete picture of the impact of COVID-19 on church finances, staffing, programming, engagement, and communications, we gathered feedback from over 1,400 church leaders from across the country.
We invite you to download our report and infographic on what our research uncovered.

Rethinking Your Ministry


Learn how to successfully celebrate moments in the Church Calendar online, whether that’s VBS, Christmas, or anything in between.

Reopening Church

Plan a safe reopening strategy that’s right for your ministry.

Sunday Service

Quickly launch live streaming and other platforms to keep everyone connected on Sunday.

Children's Ministry

Discover how to recreate a sense of community with the children your ministry serves.


Take a closer look at the offering moment and online giving to inspire generosity anywhere.


Create an effective communication plan for daily engagement as well as crisis announcements.


Watch our training webinars and leverage free resources designed to help you take ministry online.

Ready to maximize generosity and recover your offering on Giving Tuesday?

Click below to download our FREE Giving Tuesday Toolkit and access a recording of the live webinar we hosted on October 29th.