We believe giving is an act of worship

At Ministry Brands, we’ve spent years thinking through how churches can connect and engage beyond the walls.

We believe giving is an act of worship. When taking church online, you must make generosity as convenient as possible by reminding people how to use your online giving platform. Share tutorials (below) along with authentic, compelling reasons to give beyond the walls.

This might mean creating a new fund for those hurt financially because of a crisis or an outreach program you’re using to spread hope. Align your congregation with what matters most.

Take it a step further with text giving

It’s the most convenient, secure giving solution for your ministry and it takes just seconds to complete a donation. Using a unique 10-digit giving number, donors can give in just 2 steps. They simply enter an amount and press send. In support of your ministry we’re offering free text giving to help ministries during this uncertain time. Equip people to be generous anywhere, anytime in seconds.

How to Get Started:

When setting up your account, have the following ready:

  • A copy of a voided check (for where you would like the funds deposited)
  • A copy of the account manager’s driver’s license
  • A copy of 501c3 documentation or a federal document that confirms your tax ID #
  • Your church’s website or Facebook page URL with contact information matching what is provided on the application (i.e. organization’s physical address and phone number).

Get started with tech solutions that drive engagement, reduce burden, and increase giving, including tips and resources for #GivingTuesday with our FREE toolkit.